Balance your screen time with nature.

Roots helps you take back control of your busy days on screens, and find balance through nature—so you can be happier, healthier, and more grounded.

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Track time in nature and on screens to build better habits

Beautiful tracker that comes to life as you progress towards your goal, measures your health metrics with real-time feedback, and keeps you on track with gentle nudges.

Schedule time with nature, around your calendar

Smart scheduling that integrates with your calendar and weekly preferences to help you carve out time to relax and reset during your busy days.

Get motivated with fun (solo or group) challenges

Participate in challenges that inspire you to build better habits, connect with nature all around you, and have a little fun with the nature tracker.

Immersive nature soundscapes and audio-guided experiences

Get the most out of your short breaks, with bite-sized nature soundscapes and outdoor audio-guided experiences — like guided walks, meditations, nature bathing.

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